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Just trying to make it through the day. [25 Nov 2009|08:32am]


Pregaming: the technique of champions.

And alcoholics.
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[19 Jan 2006|04:02pm]


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hi, I'm Leslie.
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[20 Oct 2005|10:43am]

[ mood | calm ]


cute doggies & utensils?Collapse )

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hi. ima newbie [17 Oct 2005|11:28pm]

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new member // ♥ [17 Jun 2005|09:52pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

x-posted to my photo journal __le_revolution

broken pews and empty islesCollapse )

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qwertyuiop[]\ [22 Sep 2004|01:20pm]

[ mood | drained ]



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through the tunnel tiled&turning;into daylight once again;i am escaping;once again goodbye [17 Aug 2004|12:32am]

[ mood | pensive ]

There never was a light at the end of the tunnel The tunnel you have been trapped in all these years And one simple answer cuts down all of your questions And two and two suddenly makes five And it's a revelation that you can no longer hide fromCollapse )

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critisism by 12:15 today please [27 Jul 2004|08:50am]

I had knots in my stomach and knots in my hair as we spent the better half of the day together, burning our skin in the sun. Laying there on the sharp grass, like knifes in my back, he squinted and then called for me. I was already there even though my eyes had wandered. When he spoke his voice sounded like a locust in my ear, screaming, buzzing on. I cupped him in my hands and held him for a moment. Then without remorse, raised my arms in the air, fists beating the wind, and let him go.
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[20 Jul 2004|03:17pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hi. XcarolineX, 16, mashuhfewtaters

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[12 Jul 2004|06:03pm]

i'm fixin on fixin the world for you...

photo by kate gannon
for music
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[11 Jul 2004|11:00pm]

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boooooooredddd agh. [11 Jul 2004|09:23pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I'm a tad bit bored, so i am going to post some other pictures i've taken over the summer or spring.

I took this on a day that i was having a particulary hard time on. I took it, because i felt like that asshole mouse. Maggots in my belly and all.

Ok, ljcut.

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Ok, thats about 6 pictures. Some of them are sort of big.
Sorry if i wasted your time or anything.

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sigh. [11 Jul 2004|08:53pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

so today i found out that the boy i like likes some silly girl who can't type out words in full. well, seeing as how i really like this kid i got pretty upset. you know the whole drill. so, usually when i get upset i do something silly to take my mind off. today i played dressup. i wasn't anyone in particular, but i liked it, so i took pictures. i'm wearing this outfit next time i hangout with him too. just because you want to know.

ok, so artistic value number 1) dressing up. it is, because it takes talent. i swear to god it does.

yeah enough with that, what about artistic value #2)some of the pictures came out REALLY fucking cool. i'll put them behind a cut though, don't worry. i also do not edit my photos at all, unless i crop them. thats it.

ok pictures.

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Ok thats all.


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[10 Jul 2004|11:03pm]

like a girl he leaves a message
my radish lips mouth some return
and in a moment without speaking my chest rips and my breasts burn
now no sugar for my babies
my baby killed me with his lines...
in that moment without speaking-i died
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[09 Jul 2004|10:02pm]

i can hear her heart jumping away. and that is best. 
ill catch it and put it in my chest. 
that green eyed baby, she can have my healthy organ. 
ill give it away, like its her birthday.  and its her birthday.  everyday. 
cos she just smiles and twirls in that red dress of hers. 
it makes my head spin.
she pretends.
if she pretends.
with my heart she'll be okay.
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