a community for bulimics
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This community is for bulimics only.
This community is here to give support to people with disordered eating; not to give tips on how to become bulimic.

A Few Guidelines:

1. Again, if you don't have an eating disorder, this is not the place for you.

2. Friends Only entries are preferred. You can make public posts if you want, but be aware of who can read them if you do.

3. No flaming under any circumstances.

4. Bulimics come in all shapes in sizes, that is the nature of the disorder, so if you want to be an elitist and make fun of people for their weight, go somewhere else.

5. Promoting other communities is okay, but if there is a banner involved, put it behind a cut.

6. Triggering pictures of any kind must also go behind a cut.

7. Please promote!

If there are any problems, contact autumnofmyennui.