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_brokenxlies_'s Journal

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This community is for fuck ups, well no I’m joking we are all beautiful, but this is for people who are going through SI, anorexia, bulimia, drug abuse, anything that affects you. This is a community for life and reality. Post what you think, what you feel, just let it out.


1.be nice and caring: do not discriminate against others feelings or put people down
you will be banned if you do

2.all pictures behind LJ cuts please

3.post what you want but if it is triggering please note that and use common sense

4.let it all out we are all equals here to help

each other.

5. all triggering material from pictures to stories please LJ Cut

6. do not think your funny and post anonymously on peoples posts, you are not funny and your being immature

((it is easy to get banned from this community so please be kind, and don't put other people down. there are no warnings if you know what your doing is wrong. for example poking fun at someones problems that is a one way ticket to being banned. if you were trying to help some one out and i took it wrong and banned you feel free to post a comment on my LJ [realitygrl88] and correct me. everyone (excluding trolls) is welcome no matter what size or condition so feel free to join))

Other good communities:

Due to the recent incident with some trolls in our community, this is now a moderated membership community. That being said, there is a very small chance that you will be rejected. I'm just screening for abusive/prejudiced/troll-like people. :)
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