delicatefairy (delicatefairy) wrote in _brokenxlies_,

"Be yourself"

"be yourself".
Be myself? Be myself? How can I be myself when you aren't yourself?
How can I be myself when I don't even know who I am?
I look to the bottom of my soul, my inner most being
and theres nothing there
or rather
theres someone
because me isn't just one person.
Me is different people, different personalities, depending on the time and place, the people and my mood
I don't even know who the real me is
So how can you
and outsider to my world of comforting chaos and confusion
A spectator
Know me?
How can you
ask that of me
The best answer I can give
is that I am me
I don't know who else I am
For I am the artist
I am the poet
I am the dark
I am the light
I am the confused, the bitter, the dissilusioned, the scarred, the scared
I am me

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