Okay, the fact that the Year Zero CD changes colour with temperature is trippy. I spent a minute just sticking fingerprints on it.

It's definitely a different sound... yet oddly familiar. I expect a lot of people to hate it, but in my eyes Trent can do no wrong. I wasn't expecting another TDS. I'm not into the whole marketing gimmick thing he did but I'm not disappointed with most of the sounds (Zero Sum is, IMHO, fantastic).

Hmm. Thoughts?
dr. satan

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This community's pretty dead, considering there's a new live dvd coming out on Tuesday, the band's on tour in Europe right now, and there's a new album coming out in April that everyone's going apeshit about with all those weird sites that are popping up and the three songs that are available.

So what's up?

New Single

I didn't even know Trent had released any Year Zero material until an online friend told me that two songs ("Survivalism" and "My Violent Heart") have been uploaded to the NIN MySpace.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I think I'm liking the sound.

Your thoughts?