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Well ill just make this somewhat short. I met casey two years ago snowboarding up at tahoe. We exchanged numbers and talked and ended up going out. The problem is i live in southern cali and he lives up in tahoe, so it was long distance. But neither of us minded. So it was rele great and wed talk on the phone every night and always exchange i love yous. Well, hes coming down here in the summer to take some college courses though hes still just a junior in highschool so i was rele looking forward to that. But today i got on his old s/n which he gave me the password to and a girl imed me. So i talked to her and found out that she and him are "going out"! And she also told me how he tells her he loves HER and they smoke and do everything together. And shes only in fucking 8th grade! I mean, i knew things were getting harder the past few months with casey, but i loved him too much to let stupid stuff ruin us. I knew he was a stoner and still smoked even though he told me he stopped, and i guess i always knew in the back of my mind that this would happen. But why does it hurt so much?!
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I'm in love with my boyfriend. I would do anything he asked me to. If he needed a kidney I would cut mine out and give it to him on a paper plate. I love him so much. He says he loves me, but I don't know. I set up all these walls around my heart and somehow people tend to break in. I hate being hurt and somehow no matter what happens I am the one that gets fucked in the end. I hate it. I lost my virginity to the boyfriend that I had before this one. When we broke up I felt like I was sitting in a room and the walls around me were crumbling in and all I could do is sit and watch. I took a vow of second virginity but when I fell in love I felt like he really deserved it, so I gave it to him. This may make me sound like a whore but what is the difference if you love someone or you wait till you are married. Married people don't always love each other so isn't it better to be in love? Anyways, everytime we get together he wants to have sex. Sometimes we go to the park near my house and swing for hours on end, much to his dismay and all he does is mope and he takes me home and I get out of his car and walk to his door alone. I really feel horrible when he does this, but he does it all the time. I dont know what to do, because everytime I try to break up with him all he has to do is say those three words that I dread and I melt and I'm like play doh in the hands of a six year old. It's horrible. He knows that he does this and still keeps on doing it. What should I do?



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My boyfriend and I never see each other. We're both grounded all the time or out of state or can never get rides to see each other. It really sucks because I love him alot and all I want to do is be with him, but we cant. I'm not saying its either of ours' faults but it seems that God just doesnt want us to be together no matter how much we do.

just needed somewhere to complain.
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Hi.  My boyfriend is really worring me latey.  He said that he has been having doubts from day one.  At one point he was about to dump me, but i begged him to stay with me to see how it goes.  I know begging is the wrong thing to do, but i couldn't just let him dump me.  For the next week we had been fine, until the last day of school.  Todd (my bf best mate) told me that the whole of last lesson he'd been saying "I really like her, I wish i didn't say anything".  Which made me feel much better.  But the next day me, my best mate, my best mates bf and my bf went out.  My bf was in a huge stress because he didn't get to go skating so i just walked off.  Then i rang him that night, and he was all off with me and shit.  Then i hadn't seen him for like a week, and a girl told us that he'd been ringing Hannah (this really very pretty girl) every night and she told him that she fancied him and that when she wants something she'll get it.  My best mate phones her bf and he said that it wasn't true and then she phoned my bf and he said it wasn't true.  Then when i sow him last he was all happy and shit, he was fine.  I rang him the day before he left and asked him if he wanted to come over that morning.  But he goes "No, i've got stuff to do.  I'll call you when i get back, if i have time" and then he hung up.  So, now.  I don't know what to think

Can you give me any advice?