Lindsey (lonerchick_21) wrote in _brokenhearts,

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I can't take it anymore, if u knew how it feels, its like I'm dyin!!!!

13 days with no word from cute and fuzzy bunny. I realize and sumwut understand y the benefits stopped, but we agreed to stay friends. I didn't plan too get this close, let him in, open up, as much as I did.I'm slowly accepting it, but him avoidin me, makes it hurt so much worse. If he had a job wher he on cal like a sergon/fire fightter or military, I would undersand. sumtimes the get assingments that stop em from contact with civilians.

4 me ther is never an excuse to go this long without talkin. If I wer in the hospital I'd call or get sum11 to call u, deep in the mountain and no cell phone usage I'de find a house phone or pay phone.


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