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my pathetic life!!!

 I hav had many heart breaks, but never had a bf. I'm 24, so thats rather pathetic abd hard, so not by choice. Rarely guys look twice at me, kuz I'm in wheelchair and no1 knows y.

my current heart break, was with benefits. we remained friends after, but talk less and I can't see him, it fuckin sux! been 10 dayz without wordall guys see me as "friend girl", never realationship like, I want more, but can't seem to figure out how!

my family plays a big part of my depression. I hav 2 older bro's, who hav big time excitin job. One travels alot and has a 4 yr gf, he has sum kinda law job. my oldest is a gr8 waiter, and has a 2 and a half son. I can't get a fulltime job (get tired easily), can't travel alone.

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