My Pet Rock Smells Of Cabbage (iced_emotion) wrote in _brokenhearts,
My Pet Rock Smells Of Cabbage

Hi.  My boyfriend is really worring me latey.  He said that he has been having doubts from day one.  At one point he was about to dump me, but i begged him to stay with me to see how it goes.  I know begging is the wrong thing to do, but i couldn't just let him dump me.  For the next week we had been fine, until the last day of school.  Todd (my bf best mate) told me that the whole of last lesson he'd been saying "I really like her, I wish i didn't say anything".  Which made me feel much better.  But the next day me, my best mate, my best mates bf and my bf went out.  My bf was in a huge stress because he didn't get to go skating so i just walked off.  Then i rang him that night, and he was all off with me and shit.  Then i hadn't seen him for like a week, and a girl told us that he'd been ringing Hannah (this really very pretty girl) every night and she told him that she fancied him and that when she wants something she'll get it.  My best mate phones her bf and he said that it wasn't true and then she phoned my bf and he said it wasn't true.  Then when i sow him last he was all happy and shit, he was fine.  I rang him the day before he left and asked him if he wanted to come over that morning.  But he goes "No, i've got stuff to do.  I'll call you when i get back, if i have time" and then he hung up.  So, now.  I don't know what to think

Can you give me any advice?


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