Jessica Freeze (nicbrat_3) wrote in _brokenhearts,
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not sure what to do

i don't want to make this long so i'll try to keep this short... i have been seeing this guy for about a year but have been friends for 10 yrs. i never thought i had a chance with him and when i had a baby (with another guy) i thought that was it there would never be a chance with him. but for some reason we started some kind of relationship. we never really said that we were 'together' he actually emailed me in july and said that he really liked me and loved me kid but he wasn't ready for a label for either of us. at the end of the email he did remind me that he said he would never marry someone with a kid but he now could change. well neither of us would make a move toward a relationship due to past relationships that really screwed us up. i am completly down on myself thinking that i could never deserve him that he deserves so much better than me. that is besides the point. just recently his ex moved back home. she is the one that really hurt him. she broke up with him via email, married someone else less than a year later and divorced soon after. they had been together for five years so that really hurt. now she moved back thinking that she can get back in with him. his family hates her and wants her as far away from him as possible. and so do i obviously. i just don't know what to do. i feel like i can't compare to her cause they were together for so long. but he means so much to me. i know i have to do something. its either completly walk away give up let her have him or get in and get the guy, my guy. the one that i have wanted for ten years! i finally get a chance to be with him and she comes back to town. what am i supposed to do?

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