April 30th, 2009

shame on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if it was just a mistake I made that    only involved me, but it involves another person as well, so not sure bout the live thru it part. I feel like a bad person, and I wished I never hav had to say that, but it did. met this guy in a chatroom, only waitin to get laid, saw him a few times wen I was extremely upset and wasn't thinkin straight, totally not    good lookin to me, yet he had 3 of my major weaknesses in me military/tatoo/hispanic, I now am more interested in band type/artsy/skater kind./irish/british. I recently cut all ties with hi, he wasn't to happy bouut it, would u be.. thats always been a huge issue and hard 4  me to do,   staand up 4 myself. every time I do, it goes kablooey and feels like the end of the wold.

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    god must hate me ~simple plan~