xoimsolameox (xoimsolameox) wrote in _brokenhearts,

I'm in love with my boyfriend. I would do anything he asked me to. If he needed a kidney I would cut mine out and give it to him on a paper plate. I love him so much. He says he loves me, but I don't know. I set up all these walls around my heart and somehow people tend to break in. I hate being hurt and somehow no matter what happens I am the one that gets fucked in the end. I hate it. I lost my virginity to the boyfriend that I had before this one. When we broke up I felt like I was sitting in a room and the walls around me were crumbling in and all I could do is sit and watch. I took a vow of second virginity but when I fell in love I felt like he really deserved it, so I gave it to him. This may make me sound like a whore but what is the difference if you love someone or you wait till you are married. Married people don't always love each other so isn't it better to be in love? Anyways, everytime we get together he wants to have sex. Sometimes we go to the park near my house and swing for hours on end, much to his dismay and all he does is mope and he takes me home and I get out of his car and walk to his door alone. I really feel horrible when he does this, but he does it all the time. I dont know what to do, because everytime I try to break up with him all he has to do is say those three words that I dread and I melt and I'm like play doh in the hands of a six year old. It's horrible. He knows that he does this and still keeps on doing it. What should I do?


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