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Last night I had this dream where I woke up like normal and went in the bathroom to weigh myself (also totally normal, so this dream seemed so real) and so I stepped on the scale and I stood on it wrong and it said 399.4 lbs! So I tried again and it said 157, and I kept trying and kept failing to find my weight, so then I got scared that I really did gain a ton of weight OVERNIGHT. I mean what the hell I was so freaked out I thought I was going to die. Has that happened to anyone?

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Does any one know if Thermardol is vegetarian-i live in the UK i'm off on holiday soon and need drastic loss + energy ASAP.

Much love for anyone who gives me the answer xxxxxxxxxxxx

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stomache rupture

Im bulimic, its been 4 years since my first purge. I usually binge to the point where I cant fit anything more in and purge and sometimes binge like this witout purging. Today after a binge I had the strangest sensation- one moment my stomache was really full and the next it was emptier and my lower part suddenly expanded. There was no pain involved, just the sensation of something slushing about inside. Im really scared it might be a stomache rupture. Ive read about it on the internet a bit and I know that binges cause stomache tissue to die and Im scared that maybe it didnt hurt because it was along the part of the dead tissue in my stomache. The rupture might be small thats why I just feel a small burning. I dont know, maybe Im being paranoid but Im shaking with nerves. Please tell me what the symptoms of a rupture are and how long it takes for them to develop, how severe are they and stuff like that. Im sick with panic.


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On hour 23 of my fast doing pretty well. I am going for 48 hours and then keeping calorie intake very low for a few days and then next week i will do another fast. I have to babysit tonight so i just told my mom i would be eating with the kids so i could get out of dinner. I am feeling a bit more in control. Hope you ladies are doing well


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I went to the gym today for ym six week re-test. They took measurments and what not and i lost 5.5% body fat. I am satisfied with that but I will push harder for the next six weeks.

hope you ladies are doing fine

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ok hey girls/guys
i was gone for a week visiting my mom so i couldn't respond to anyone's comments/emails bout the community issues survey/quiz thing

if you'd like to fill it out here you can be anonymous or you can email it here:


remember... this is for anyone with ANY type of E.D., whether self-diagnosed or not
you can answer simply yes/no or whatever you want but please be honest
alright, enough rules already!

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thanks so much to anyone who replies to this! as it greatly helps my project and research
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