MASOCHISTIC BEAUTY (xdeviantbeautyx) wrote in _brokenangels,

Just To Let You Know...

There was some garb about a tv show called, "Skins"...
It a british show that is basically the eqivalent to "Degrassi" (if anyone knows what that is). Its actually pretty good - considering - it has a girl who is anorexic on it (though if anyone has seen it can you devulge mewith information if the actress is actually even British - because he accent seems manufatured, like she'll slip out of it from time to time...I don't know maybe it is just me).

But you all should check it out.
If you don't live in the UK (which I don't) you can watch it on "YouTube"...just type in Skins E4 in the search engine at the top and it will pop up (the people who post it usually update with the next episode on Saturdays...

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