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hey broken angel..i saw your message posted...and i really hope i can get some support and tips in the community!!
I need major help my family and friends watch me like a its really hard to hide my eating make thing quick and easy ....HELP.... I need tips and i need help to becoming a controlled anorexia!! My bestfirend went into my email...and deleted a really helpful email with heaps of tips and tactics to tricking your body into thinking its eating and would of made my life alot more easier if she had just kept that was seven pages long...makes me so sad just to think how much it could have helped!!

Pleas guys im desperate i need major help if anybody has tips, tactics or anything anything at all to makeing my control to anorexia easier..please dont hesitate to email emials know most of you can relate how hard it is when your doing all this in secret!!I really need support...and open to anything..vice versa help or anything is offered to anyone who just needs some support dont hesitate to read my journal and post me what you think...i just started so i could help with some new friends...xx

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