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ok so im a senior this year... my LAST YEAR
the thing that has been bothering me the most is that there is a junior girl (with the same name as me!!) who lost a TON of weight over the summer
i mean she is SO SKINNY. and she looks so good, im just so jealous

i feel like she is me but last year
i use to be pretty thin but never as thin as her. i've gained like 8 pounds since last school year. it sickens me... im just disgusted with myself.

i have to be skinny this year, skinnier than last year.

it makes me so sad to see that other girl.... im so jealous. i feel kind of creeped out because im so jealous though...

anyway, my lowest weight last school year was 111, and im 5'9"
what do you ladies think my long term goal weight should be?
keep in mind im tall!

my short term goal is to be 112 and long term is 105

stay strong girls!
we are back in school and gotta keep the weight OFF, and then some!

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