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Brody Dalle
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This is a community for fans of Brody Dalle and The Distillers- Post links, articles, pictures, artwork, lyrics, tour dates, news, gig photos, reviews whatever just be respectful of others (no hair pulling or biting) and don't post anything off topic...

- No promoting of anything that is unrelated to Brody / The Distillers (or I will delete it). If however you do want to promote a random website, then you must ask me first.

- Also, make sure pictures and icons etc, are put into lj-cuts, if you don't know how to use them, ask first, and then have a go, or try the FAQ, it's amazing what you can find there

- At the end of every month all members and friends of the community can enter in backgrounds for the community, they will all be put up for voting and the background that wins will be up for that month. Dimensions are: 550 x 550 (pixels), and all entries must mention: _brody_dalle_@livejournal

- If you have any suggestions or want to make a new layout/userpic/theme etc. for the community please post them in the community!

P.S. This community is about BRODY DALLE, you may mention other members in the band etc, that is fine, but PLEASE don't whinge about the fact that this community is 'only' about her. We do respect the other members, but this is dedicated to Brody. READ THE FUCKING
TITLE...if you don't like it...go fish.

Thank you

This months background was made by:jess85</a>spirit_of_77</font>

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