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Week 21 Voting

Hey guys, I know we extended till Wednesday but we got a bunch of icons last night and today so we'll just vote now.

+ Vote for three icons by tomorrow night.
+ No anonymous votes/No voting for yourself


Vote for three icons by tomorrow night
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Week 21 Challenge

All right guys, here's the Week 21 Challenge.

+ This challenge is textless so no text anywhere on the icon.
+ You can use any of the images from See What I Wanna See located here
+ Submit up to three icons to this post by Saturday night.
+ Be as creative as possible and remember: NO TEXT KTHXBYE.
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Week 20 Voting

Hey guys, here's the voting!! Vote for your one favorite icon and please, please, please keep promoting the community. I'd be happy to repay anyone who submits some promo banners.

All right, vote for one icon by tomorrow night!

03. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
07. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Week 19 Winners

Thanks for voting, guys! There were two ties this week - for first and second place, and there's no third place because it was a four-way tie. Please, please, don't forget to vote - when less people vote we get more ties, which is a little inconvenient. :)

Without further ado,

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Thanks, and look for next week's challenge to be posted tomorrow!

♥ Allison