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Week 23 Challenge

All right, here's the challenge for Week 23!

I'm going to try using lyrics from "See What I Wanna See" again and I've chosen a song that isn't as show-specific. Hopefully it'll get more response. So...

+ Use at least three consecutive lyrics from "There Will Be A Miracle" from SWIWS
+ You are only allowed to use one of the images provided below from The Light in the Piazza, which can be located here
+ Enter up to three icons by Saturday, November 5

The lyrics for this week are here...

There Will Be A Miracle

Aunt Monica
There will be a miracle
Stick around and see
You need patience for a miracle
Timing is the key

Could not have happened yesterday
And tomorrow is too late
The moment has to be exact
And until then we have to wait

You can never rush a miracle
You can't force a thing to be
I am desperate for a miracle
But it won't come just for me

We must all share the miracle
As everybody should...

Little boys, grocery clerks
CPA's, movie stars
Battered wives, dying boys
Hungry souls;
The worst of men along with the good

I always knew that there'd
Be a miracle
Wondering, when and how
I will see a miracle
There will be a miracle
If not

There will be a miracle
We will see a miracle
Wake me for the miracle
Wake me...

So yeah, get those icons in and keep promoting. If I don't get more than ten icons this week, I'm going to consider ending the contests.

Enter up to three icons by Saturday!

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