September 20th, 2005

A&F boy

Week 17 Challenge

Hey guys, since a lot of people liked doing the text-only icons, we're going to have another one!! So...

+ Use text ONLY
+ Brushes/text effects/etc are allowed, but no images
+ The text must be the name of any musical (On Broadway currently, off-Broadway, classic shows, anything)
+ Enter up to FIVE icons by Saturday, September 24th!!

Also, make sure you read this!
A&F boy


All right, it seems like a lot of people who have been entering are confused on how to format their entries. I've gotten entries of just the icon, just the URL, and those are wrong. I've let them slide these last two weeks but that's ending now. Collapse )

So, if you fail to enter an icon in this format, it will NOT be included in the voting.

If you have any questions, ask here.