June 1st, 2005

l&o // mariska hargitay / christopher me

Mid-Week Reminder

Get those entries in! So far we have 7 amazing icons, not counting two which were posted anonymously - please let us know who you are so we can enter your icons in the contest! We have to know because it's the only way we can make sure people only submit two icons, not more using anonymous posts. :)

Don't forget to enter this week's challenge!

Entries must be in by this Friday at 10:30 PM eastern time or they won't be counted. Voting will be posted Friday night, and the results will be up on Sunday.

Thanks for giving us your opinion on the issue of mods entering the contests. Because of your responses, mods will be entering this challenge, sort of like a trial run.

Thanks, and happy iconmaking!

♥ Allison