May 13th, 2005

A&F boy

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Hey guys! Welcome to _BROADWAY_REMIX, a new icontest!

This community is modded by Lee (populargalinda), Amanda (wicked_witch86), Allison (_thankgoodness), and myself, Grant (shiz_party_boy). If you go read the information, you'll find all helpful kinds of things, like a description of the icontest and the rules. We'll be posting the first challenge on MONDAY, MAY 16th. This is how this works:

Monday Challenge Posted
Mon-Fri Enter your icons
Friday Entering closed/Voting open
Sat-Sun Voting like whoa
Sunday Voting closed/Winners announced

And so forth! That's easy enough to remember, isn't it? Yep. Okay.

Let's see, anything else to post? Hmm...Guess not.

Well, have a good weekend, guys and hope to see you enter the first challenge on Monday!

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