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Week Ten Challenge

Hey everyone! Here is your challenge for

All right, here's what you have to do. Use ONE lyric from "Diva's Lament" from Spamalot and any picture of any Broadway "diva" -- NOT DURING A SHOW. They can not be in costume or performing. Some examples are:

Kristin Chenoweth
Idina Menzel
Christina Applegate
Sara Ramirez
Shoshana Bean

Those are just examples. You can use anyone pretty much. Here are your lyrics:

What ever happened to my part?!
It was exciting at the start
Now we're half way through Act Two
And I've had nothing yet to do

I've been off stage for far too long
It's ages since I've had a song
This is one unhappy diva
The producers have decieved her
There's nothing I can sing from my heart
Whatever happened to my part?!

I am sick of my career
Always stuck in second gear
Up to here with frustration
And with tears

I've no Grammys
No rewards
I've no Tony Awards
I'm constantly replaced by Britney Spears

Whatever happened to my show?!
I was a hit, now I don't know
I'm with a brunch of British knights
Prancing 'round in wooly tights

I might as well go to the pub
They've been off searching for a shrub
Out shopping for a bush
Well they can kiss my tush
It seems to me they've really lost the plot

Whatever happened to my --
I'll call my agent, damn it --
Whatever happened to my--
But my...part?!

Remember, you can only use one lyric from anywhere in the song.

You can enter up to three icons. Get them in by Friday, July 29th. I'm going to be in Chicago by then, but I'll have Allie post the voting. Good luck!!

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