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But _broadway_remix is now

C L O S E D!

I really hate to do it but it's just not worth it anymore. Thank you to the people who have been faithful and have participated each week since the very beginning. I'm sad to have to close this doen but it's me doing the work for nothing. We've had a good run!

I'll definately let you guys know if I start up another icon contest.

It's been fun!
A&F boy

Week 23 Update

Only two icons have been entered for Week 23 so I'm extending the contest until Wednesday, November 16. Seriously, if this week doesn't generate enough icons, I'm probably going to close it. I don't have time to keep making challenges and do the voting if only three people enter.

Get those icons in; you can enter here.
A&F boy

Week 22 Scraped

All right, since only one person entered last week's challenge, we're scraping it. Are you guys even going to enter anymore? I'd like to know because I'm not going to keep spending my time making up challenges and all that if no one will enter.

What are you're thoughts? Comment here and we can discuss.