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so brilliant

hermione would be jealous.

the icon journal of bedecked
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brill makes hermione jealous.
Hellooo. You've stumbled upon my icon journal. I'm Courtney, and I'm in love with HP, Lost, and of course Johnny Depp. I love books. Shipping? Of course. R/HR, H/G. OBHWF owns me. And you. I love icons of Emma Watson and MKA. I'll have mostly icons, but perhaps a few headers/friends only banners. Textless icons are love. Less is more, right? Everything is sorted neatly into my memories for your viewing pleasure. I hope you find something you like. Leave me love, mk?

brill has a few simple rules.
01/ Credit _brill or bedecked.
02/ Comment. It makes me happy.
03/ No hotlinking; save all icons to your own server. Meaning, rightclick, save as.
04/ Please dont change! Textless icons are not bases.
05/ If I'm taking requests, I'll let you know.

brill loves friends.
situated colormered_cons overdue_icons __belfrycons voicescarry_ candied purelyiconic sugarclouds vendemiaire justaddcolor ashdary windtunnels indulgance pushtheshift othislondonrain crookedd likeglamour falsemomentum
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brill wouldn't be possible without these.
Resources have moved to a new location, right here. The info was looking a bit cluttered.