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Just a quick update to say that I've put up a new layout (_brill), and expect more Pirates icons in the next few days. :)

Also, check out windtunnels. My friend Fiona started an icon journal a little bit ago, and I haven't promoted it yet. So there it is.

And after that, stop by crookedd. Kaitlin just started her own icon journal.

The end.

London Premiere Icons

These were only icons of Katie and Dan at first, but I found a lot of Bonnie that I liked, and Katie alone, and the actresses that play Parvati and Padma.. so as a result, I have a set of 32. I've been trying to add more text to icons, but I kinda stopped halfway through. I'm just a sucker for textless. What can I say? :)


1-10: Parvati and Padma (actresses)
11-19: Bonnie
20-26: Katie and Dan
27-32: Katie alone
Danrad looks like a leprechaun. But in a good way.Collapse )