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_brighteyes's Journal

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A community for those who like Bright Eyes.


1. No other community promotions. Failure to follow this important guideline will result in a ban. Some have tested this rule. You will notice they are no longer with us.
2. Use of lj-cut is strongly suggested and expected (for images or long text posts). Failure to use one will result in a warning to edit and ultimately deletion of the entry.
3. No quiz results. They're annoying and we don't care which strand of conor's hair you are.
4. Try searching this community before you post a question. It's most likely already been asked. Also, try looking through the memories.
5. No introductory post is necessary. No "I'm leaving" post is necessary. We'll figure it out when you're gone. We're smart. No pointless/off-topic/lame post is necessary. No stupid people are necessary.

Send your love/hatemail/money/ransom notes to your maintainer.

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