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Bridgewater State College

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PLEASE HELP! [30 Jun 2010|10:20pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]


How do you find out your BSC username, password, banner id, and pin? I've been accepted to BSC and have my Banner ID but I don't know how to find out the rest of that stuff and I don't know how to sign in to BSC student e-mail. What happens if I created a password and and then lost it?

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Anvil in Boston tomorrow! [15 Apr 2009|02:36pm]

The Anvil Experience is coming to the Boston area tomorrow at the Palladium at Worcester, MA. For those of you who don't know, the Anvil Experience is where you get to see that new rock-doc called Anvil! The Story of Anvil (which has been called the real life This Is Spinal Tap) and then the band performs a short set immediately following. My friends saw this in NYC and said it was the best thing ever.

tickets are still available here.

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Spring Awakening in Boston April 28-May 24th! [03 Apr 2009|12:38pm]

April 28-May 24, 2009

Colonial Theater
106 Boylston St (across the street from the Boylston T stop on the Green Line)

Why am I posting this a month before the show is happening?  Because tickets are already on sale!

If you want to buy tickets, please visit http://www.broadwayacrossamerica.com/Boston. Again, Spring Awakening will be playing at the Colonial Theater from April 28th-May 24, 2009.  The Colonial Theater is located at 106 Boyleston St across from the Boylston Green Line T stop.

For more information about Spring Awakening and other Boston shows on Facebook, please visit Boston Guilty Ones (http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/group.php?gid=47045992275&ref=mf) or Broadway Across America - Boston (http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/pages/Boston-MA/Broadway-Across-America-Boston/22923973629?ref=ts).

Check out photos, reviews and info about the cast at http://www.springawakening.com.  Thanks!
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DJ Anyone? [17 Feb 2009|02:53pm]

I was wondering if anyone's organization or club needs a DJ at BSC. Let me know.

If you want an affordable, reliable, and fun DJ for your event, please feel free to contact me: DJMelMusic@Gmail.com

~DJ Mel~
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freshmeat [25 Aug 2008|02:37am]

Hi, I'm not sure if anyone still reads this thing, but I thought this would be a good place to start.

I have a friend who is going to be a freshman at BSC this year. She is 18 and from out of state. I was thinking about putting together a little care package for her, and I was wondering if anyone here had anything that they might have wanted or liked when they were freshmen. i commuted to school, so i really don't know what its like on the inside. so, any ideas would be helpful! i'm not looking to spend a lot of money here, maybe like $10 or $15, its sorta just a sentimental thing.

anyhoo, thanks very much!
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[09 Apr 2008|02:48pm]

Hey everyone!

My name is Amanda, and I was just accepted (as of today! Woo!) into BSC! BSC was my first choice college, so I'm so excited I got in! Anyway, I was wondering something...my idea of a laptop definitely isn't the laptop BSC is offering. I'm looking for something that's going to last me awhile after college as well. Does anyone have Vista/a newer laptop that they use on campus? If you do, do you have any issues with it?

Thanks again!

Amanda :D
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Resident Question [11 Feb 2008|03:03pm]

Hey... My friend Molly is from Rhode Island, and is going to be living @ BSC, but she needs her car to commute to a theatre group she is a part of. Here is her post... 

I have a potential problem that I am going to ask my fellow livejournalers for advice on.

So, my #1 choice is Bridgewater State College. It's close enough but far enough away to be on my own. My problem is that I'm going to have to be able to commute to rehearsals during the week...so I will need my car... and usually freshman are not allowed cars.

Is there any way of getting around the no car rule?

Anyone have any idea?
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rant [06 Dec 2007|11:27am]
to the man sitting in the commuter cafe listening to the loud obnoxious rap music, 
get fucking headphones.
no one wants to listen to your shitty music.
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ITS ASTOUNDING!!! [13 Nov 2007|10:32am]

 I don't know if anyone still even posts/reads this goes to BSC, but here ya go anyways...

11/16/2007 - 11p.m.

RKO ARMY invaded East Bridgewater in November 2005 and since then it has never been the same!!!

If you've seen the movie before, nows the time to come see it again! And if you've never seen it, come see what the shows all about!!!

Dress up! Dress down! And don't forget that duct tape constitutes as wardrobe!

Bring friends, virgins, toilet paper, squirt guns, cards, toast, but no RICE! :-(

Event Info
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Two Year Anniversary!!!
Come up to the lab, and see whats on the slab!
Time and Place
Start Time:
Friday, November 16, 2007 at 11:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 2:00am
East Bridgewater Cinemas 6
225 Bedford Street (Route 18)
East Bridgewater, MA
Contact Info
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So, its Friday and you're bored and you don't know what to do!? [16 Sep 2007|09:55pm]


C'mon down to the East Bridgewater Cinemas 6 on Route 18 in E.B. to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 11 p.m. and on the third Friday of every month!

Cost is $8.25
Dress up, dress down, bring toilet paper, cards, squirt guns, confetti, whatever you want!
Live pre-shows & Rocky performances by RKO ARMY (dot com)

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[28 Apr 2007|09:34am]

hey...i don't know if anyone will know this answer..just out of curiosity, what does it take to raise your GPA by .44?

it's too late to take action, but i can't figure it out and the curiosity is killing me.

anybody? anybody?
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VOTE FOR ME! [23 Apr 2007|01:36pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Click here to vote!

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[20 Apr 2007|11:44am]

Dear BSC people,

Don't egg my car anymore. Please?

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ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW 4/20 ALL-GIRLS SHOW!!! [18 Apr 2007|10:24pm]


This Friday is 4/20, and what better way to celebrate than by going to Rocky Horror Picture Show at the E.B. Cinemas 6 on Route 18.  This'll be an extra special all-girl show put on by the crackas at RKO ARMY (dot com).

The show starts at 11-ish, and it'll cost you about $8.50, the same price of a regular movie ticket.  
Live show &pre-shows dress-up, dress-down and bring plenty of props & Virgins!!! (lets face it, Virgins are props!)

Hope to see you there!

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hair stylists? [18 Apr 2007|09:30am]

[ mood | busy ]

anyone have a good suggestion for a hair-stylist in the Bridgewater area who does nice up-do's? I was hoping to go get my hair done locally for the Senior Ball.

Any recommendations, forward them my way!

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Honestly, shit's gross. [11 Apr 2007|09:43pm]

If you are going to eat in the computer lab... first of all, that's disgusting. Period.

Second of all, if you do choose to sit there and shove a bag of potato chips in your mouth, DON'T WIPE YOUR HANDS THAT JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE DRIPPING WITH GREASE on the mouse and keyboard.

Literally, I sat down at the computer and the keyboard and the mouse were wet and greasy - after I realized it because my hands kept sliding around, I smelled my hands and it smelled like potato chips. The amount of grease on this computer was absolutely sickening... not to mention wicked rude for other people who actually care about hygiene.

If you are the person who did this today at the very first computer in Moakley, you should be shot way before the person who pukes under the tunnel all the time.
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[11 Apr 2007|11:38am]
ballroom dancing- yay or nay?
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[10 Apr 2007|10:12am]

The computer lab in Moakley smells like burning right now. Anyone else noticing this?
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Study Abroad Interview [27 Mar 2007|05:30pm]

I was just wondering what types of questions were asked if anyone here has applied to study abroad. I'm going to be making an interview appointment and just want to be prepared with the types of questions that will be asked.

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Bridgewater State College Flipflops Fundraiser [24 Feb 2007|11:21am]

Hi Guys!

Bridgewater State's National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSHLA) is selling flip-flops as our major fundraiser for this year.

NSSHLA is raising funds:
-To help pay for cleft palate surgeries through Operation Smile
-To purchase diagnostic and therapy materials for the BSC Speech-Language-Hearing Center
-To defray expenses for preprofessional activities

In addition, ToeGoz (the company we are getting the flipflops from), donates a portion of the proceeds to Camp Sunshine, a retreat in Casco, Maine for children with life threatening illnesses and their families.

I don't have an exact picture of the flipflops yet. They will be black soles, with red fabric, and will say "BSC" on them. They are the very durable kind of flipflop, not the kind from Old Navy. They are only offered in this style, for both men and women.

They are $15.00. Cash is accepted only.

SMALL- 6-7
MEDIUM - 7-8
LARGE - 9-10
X-LARGE - 11-12

If you are interested in a pair please contact me, or email me at cmarnik@gmail.com. We need all orders submitted by Tuesday at 12noon.

I do not live on campus but I can come to school Monday at any time to meet with people!

Thank you!!!!
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