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for those who eat, sleep and breath music.

4 those who eat, sleep and breathe music
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is a LOCKED MUSIC SHARING COMMUNITY for those who don't see enough of their music tastes (specifically hiphop, r&b, rap and "other") reflected in other livejournal music communities. While all love the britney-xtina-miley-flavor of the mtv" if you are looking for music with a little more depth to it then this place can be for you:-) Mixes, songs or albums..anything you want to share..is welcomed.

and remember...
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Owner:skribblezuneek or you can call me Ru

I'm currently looking
for mod/posters who can post on a semi-decent basis.
apply here

(updated 8.26.08)

To see the posts, you will need to join
and I will approve you as soon as possible. All posts are friends/members only.

Within a week of joining please post your playlist or something that reflects your music selections and introduce youself. It will be recorded in the memories section for others to see.

Requesting is fine. We will even have free for all requests posts but do not join just to request. If your first post is a bunch of requests it will be rejected. Do not go crazy with just your requests (especially if you just lurked and not participated in the community)..this is give and take community. That is how we grow.

CARDINAL RULE: Please take the time to comment when you're taking music. If you do take something commenting only take a minute to do.

+ NO promoting other communities without contributing.

+ No being rude, snarky or bitchy to anyone. Just will not be tolerated.

+Tags are located here. Search first to see what has been posted before requesting.

+ Posts are moderated but are usually approved unless there is a problem but i want to encourage everyone to post.

Please use this format when submiting uploads:

albums or mixes:



If you have an issue and you want to take it up with me. Comment


Q. How do use a LJcut? A. Go here to see here how to do it

Q.Why can't i see the posts? A. You must join first.


email sandomingors@hotmail.com
or comment

Link us: Please save to your own server.

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wonderful member made:

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all graphics posted inside and outside are made by
me skribblezuneek for random_graphix unless
credited or stated otherwise.


All music will be uploaded to mediafire, sendspace, Rapidshare,etc. The links do expire but if you  missed anything just comment
so we can reupload it for you.

megaupload.com sendspace.com uploading.com mediafire.com

recordnerd- To track your playlist

DISCLAIMER : The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should
be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with
the music you collect here is your own responsibility, not ours.