pinkprincessuk (pinkprincessuk) wrote in _breakintrend,

ello :D

Age-16 going to be 17 in 5 weeks woohoo
Where u Sleep-in a bed in the uk in scotland near glasgow :D
And what your interests are- where so i start?? lol music obviously-Usher,Pink,Gwen Stefani,Kanye West,Mario,Ciara,Beyonce,John Lengend,Daniel Powter,RHCP,Pharrell Williams,Kelly Clarkson,Franz Ferdinand,Snow Patrol,Talib Kweli, Missy Elliot,Nelly,Kaiser Cheifs loads more lol I like reading magazines some books wathing films like The Notebook, A walk to remember, Save the last dance, Dirty Dancing,Pretty Woman,Uptown Girls,Just Married,Slackers,Ghost,Without A Paddle,Braveheart,Dude Wheres My Car,American Pie 1,2,the wedding,Road Trip,How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Shopping-Boots,Shoes,Sandals,Wedges,All Clothes lol Celebs Brittany Murphy Rachel McAdams Ashton Kutcher Devon Sawa Seann W Scott Johnny Knoxville any Im sure i culd think of loads more but I wont bore you anymore lol

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