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nEwbIE on the bUzz

Hey Everyone! Rochelle here//U can call me nIghtly if u'd like. I'm new, just wanted to introduce myself:)

namE: Rochelle
agE: 14 but b-day in February
slEEP: Barneday, NJ // bOrIng as all hEll
IntrEsts: EvErthIng bascially. I love new things! I guess I'd say writing, reading, feild hockey, Usher!!>he's like my partime job. Aaliyah <3 Jay -Z, Howie Day, Busted, Something Corperate//T.V. = One Tree Hill, Chad Micheal Murray, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Everwood, Degrassi, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, mainly WB. Music = Anything. Intruments I play = Flute, Violin, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. lUv Draco/ Tom Felton. I like LOTR and X-MEN //I guess I'm into a wide awry of things, thats probaly wh I joined this community so I get find new things. So if anyone knows any good new bands, (mostly European bands) artist, whatever let me know. plEase and thank yOU.

<3 nIghtly

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