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Whats new in the world of fashion, music, movies etc. [entries|friends|calendar]
Whats new in the world of fashion, music, etc.


Each day things change and with change we grow..
lets grow together
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[26 May 2008|03:46am]

Hey all,

There is a comedy out called, “Meet The Mobsters”. It’s pretty funny.

Check out the trailer
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[10 Feb 2008|03:38am]
Hi everyone,

Join the AtomFilms Street Team and help promote featured films, games, and webisodes like this one. Also right now the street team has a contest going on in which you can win a $250 Amazon.com gift certificate for promoting. Join at www.atomfilmsteam.com
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[03 Dec 2007|01:06am]
Hey all. Here's some cool bands to check out:

I hope you like em'. =)
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[02 Nov 2007|10:52pm]

The EMA's this year were awesome, but Tokio Hotel were by far the best thing :D They beat My Chemical romance, Fall Out Boy, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Is it any wonder why?
I discovered their music and found out I LOVE this music. Plus the boy's german accents
are so cute ^^

Tokio Hotel also led the sexiest performance of the night! Check out the vid:
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Eulogies [27 Aug 2007|12:48am]
Eulogies is set to have their debut album release on September 11!

Listen to a few songs here

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope you like them =)
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[12 Aug 2007|10:37pm]
Here's some good short films to check out. Some are pretty funny. :)

Comedy Central Test Pilots
(Watch the rainbow as a roommate video. It's funny :p)

Roast of Flavor Flav
(Watch the videos under the submissions link. You can submit your own video and enter this contest too!)

Hardcore Bingo
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[10 Jun 2007|08:53pm]
Check out this new film
Four Card Studs

It's good for a laugh. =P
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Two short films to watch [30 May 2007|02:18am]
Hi everybody,

I have two projects to share with you!

The first is Possum Death Spree. It's about an ancient breed of possums that were responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. They have unthawed now after being frozen from the ice age.
Possum Death Spree

The second is a series of films called HellHoles. It's about a man and his mobile home from hell. It's a comedic / horror series.


I hope you like the films!
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Lots of Linkin Park Information for you! [28 Apr 2007|11:14pm]
Linkin Park – Talk to the Band
To talk to Linkin Park Text to 57441. (Yes, it's really them answering you!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
See Linkin Park On AOL.com!
See Linkin Park's exclusive live concert captured in New York City! The performance will be airing on AOL.com on Monday, May 14, from 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT. GO HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

This performance will also be shown in select theaters. To see if the show is being played at a location near you CHECK THIS SITE OUT
All you have to do is tape a simple 1-min clip of yourself, telling us why you would be a good host for LPTV. It doesn’t need to be fancy – just introduce yourself on-camera, and you could win a trip to be the host of LPTV at a Linkin Park show!
Get a recording device. You don’t need a camcorder! Just use your digital camera turned to the VIDEO function, or your video enabled cell phone!
In 1 minute of less, tell the band what you would be the best host of LPTV – there is no need to edit your clip!
Upload the clip to YouTube and add it to the LPTV Contest Group at http://www.youtube.com/group/lptvcontest
Register your entry via the official registry form at http://contest.warnerbrosrecords.com/LPTV (your clip cannot be selected without filing out the official entry form).
Don’t forget, you have until 11:59pm PST on Sunday, April 29 to upload your clip for your chance to win!
Grand Prize:
- A trip for the winner and one guest to attend a future Linkin Park show - includes flight and hotel accommodations.
- Chance to host an LPTV episode to be aired later on youtube.com/linkinparktv and LinkinPark.com
Two Runners-Up:
- 1 Signed Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight special edition CD/DVD album
Subject to Official Rules.
Click the banner to visit LP's website. :)

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[26 Jan 2007|04:37pm]

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New Designs! [20 Jan 2007|11:03am]

Love at First Sound

Click on picture to order.
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The One Am Radio [14 Jan 2007|09:04pm]
Has anyone heard of The One Am Radio? Check him out. I like the music a lot. =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Fashion Roundup [10 Dec 2006|11:14am]
Fashion and design on a global, trans-cultured scale.
Fashion Roundup is the web site and RSS feed at the same time.
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Alexa Ray Joel / Pete Yorn [22 Oct 2006|11:48pm]
Hey everyone! Here is a new artist to check out! Her name is Alexa Ray Joel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRb4xkBGHU4

Tell me what you think of her. :)

Also check out the new Pete Yorn video, "For Us"
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Join the Pete Yorn Street Team [27 Aug 2006|01:11am]
Interested in getting the word out on Pete Yorn? With the release of “Nightcrawler” approaching on August 29th, we need your help! Join the Official Pete Yorn Team by submitting a short application at www.peteyornteam.com. We will be accepting online members based on application responses. Online positions are for those willing to actively promote Pete on the web. Online members will let people know what’s going on with Pete Yorn and “Nightcrawler” by using official banners, icons, and other media supplied at the official street team website. Members of the official Pete Yorn Street Team will have access to the members-only website where the latest news, Pete media, autographed prizes and exclusive goods can be found.

If you are a huge fan of Pete Yorn’s music and want to let everybody else know why they should be too, head over to www.peteyornteam.com and apply now.

So, if you want to be the first to hear great music come join the team. :)
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New Music - Come Listen! [09 Mar 2006|08:29pm]
Hey everyone! Ben Harper has a new project coming out!

Click to watch the new video

Listen to new music

Listen to, "Morning Yearning" it sounds beautiful. :) What do you think of the songs?
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[29 Dec 2005|09:10pm]


in_mode helps the fashion hungry by posting pictures of famous stars and tells you how to imitate their style. Exactly how? By posting clothes and accessories that look similar to what your favorite star is wearing. And we also try to find items which are available to everyone, meaing we find clothing that range from $300-.99. We try to have a variety so no one will feel left out. Every once in a while, we will post an entry of the latest styles that are in, and where to buy them!

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ello :D [30 Aug 2005|09:16pm]
Age-16 going to be 17 in 5 weeks woohoo
Where u Sleep-in a bed in the uk in scotland near glasgow :D
And what your interests are- where so i start?? lol music obviously-Usher,Pink,Gwen Stefani,Kanye West,Mario,Ciara,Beyonce,John Lengend,Daniel Powter,RHCP,Pharrell Williams,Kelly Clarkson,Franz Ferdinand,Snow Patrol,Talib Kweli, Missy Elliot,Nelly,Kaiser Cheifs loads more lol I like reading magazines some books wathing films like The Notebook, A walk to remember, Save the last dance, Dirty Dancing,Pretty Woman,Uptown Girls,Just Married,Slackers,Ghost,Without A Paddle,Braveheart,Dude Wheres My Car,American Pie 1,2,the wedding,Road Trip,How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Shopping-Boots,Shoes,Sandals,Wedges,All Clothes lol Celebs Brittany Murphy Rachel McAdams Ashton Kutcher Devon Sawa Seann W Scott Johnny Knoxville any Im sure i culd think of loads more but I wont bore you anymore lol
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[10 Aug 2005|12:07am]
don't u just luv them...
Sasha Boots by Coach
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Newbie [10 Feb 2005|09:20pm]

Name-Nicole Mejias
Age- 15 turning 16 in 2 months!!
Where you sleep: Locked down in the 6.7.8. of ATL georgiaaa but originally from jerzey<3
Interests- Step team, dance, crew, michael phelps, fashion, carolina hererra, new york yankees, shopping, lip gloss, charlotte russe, papaya, thrifting, setting trends
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