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at the breaking point...

... with nowhere left to turn

when there's no one left...
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This is a place for anyone, anywhere, who just needs to vent, cry, get help, or anything else.
This is a place for anyone who's reached their breaking point, or maybe is already past it.
This is a place where you can vent, cry, post poetry, art, complaints, anything you need to.
You're welcome here if you have anything that's weighing you down, including:
♥ depression
♥ self-injury
♥ relationship problems
♥ friend/family problems
♥ stress
♥ trouble at school
♥ insecurities
♥ sexual orientation
♥ anything you need to get out
We're here to listen and help, not to judge.

♥guidlines and rules♥
o1. Everyone is welcome.
o2. Please use an lj cut when necessary (pictures, long posts, etc).
o3. Don't start fights or make rude comments. If it's too bad or happens too often, you will be banned.
o4. Be nice when commenting... we all have one thing in common: we're hurt and stressed out. No one needs to be put down or told off.
o5. Friends only entries and/or secret usernames aren't necessary, but perfectly acceptable.
o6. When you join, you don't have to post right away, but introduce yourself! Just hiding and watching won't help you at all.


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