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I decided that there isn't enough Brand New slash out there, so I'm creating this community in hopes that will change:) You can post anything Brand New related. Pictures, manips, icons, banners, slash, crossover slash, slashy pics or icons, it doesn't matter. :)

*disclaimer* All fictions contained within are written soley for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to offend or defame anyone mention in said stories. _brand_new_love does not claim any bandmember or band as its own and holds no responsiblity over its members and the postings within. All 'fan works' contained with in are fiction and should not be taken as truths.

okay with that out of the way... Here are the rules:D


1. This is a SLASH friendly community. You don't have to post slash but you can't bash it either. If you DO post slash stay on topic. Brand New slash only. It can be with a band mate or someone from any other band. But it must be centered around at least one member of Brand New!

2. No Het. It's my community. The ONLY exception is if it's a chick from a band, ie Evanescence.

3. If you read a story, comment. I want this community to be talkative. The better the reviews the more often people will post their stories. Even if you hate it, review it. Maybe I'll have contests where people can vote the best reviewer and they'll get a prize. If you take the time to read it, take the time to comment.

4. As for flaming, feel free. But keep in mind you reap what you sow. If I take a disliking to you and you flame someone expect to be dealt with. Not that that will happen often, I like it when people challenge one another. If you must flame a writer: Flame the story not the person.
**If flaming a story, explain why. Don't say "cos it sucks" that not a reason. Some of us want to grow as writers, help them by telling them what didn't work for you.
(if fighting gets too bad I'll change the rule. I just don't like the idea that you can be banned for speaking your mind and calling someone a moron:)

5. No racial slurs, homophobia, etc. Come on people don't hate on people's gender, musical taste, race, or sexual preference. Its just annoying.

6. Please don't advertise unrelated communities. Brand New related/slash communities are fine. No claims communities though, okay? No RP either please. :)

7. Grammar and spelling. VERY important. Especially in your stories!! Proof-read, get a Beta, whatever it takes.

8. Use cut tags with long stories, reviews and with pictures.

[lj-cut] ... [/*lj-cut] (replace the ][ with >'s)
[*lj user="exampleusername"]

9. Manips are fine, just try to remember to post somewhere it's made up. I don't want Jesse suing me because someone superimposed his and Vinnie's heads on two guys in a bath tub lol.

10. No pornographic pics. If your not sure if its okay ask me.

11. For easy reference, please, please, please :) use this type of format in your post with a story or one similar to it:
If your story is a chapter fic it is easy for those of us lazy-heads who don't want to go searching for previous chapters if you link up your other chapters.

12. Also please refrain from posting about username changes, the ever fun "I'll be away for a while and not updating", does anyone remember this story *insert story here* or requests. Put it with something related to the community or it will be deleted without notice.

Please put the CORRECT rating on your story:

G - no swearing, you'd let your 6 year old sister read it and wouldn't blink an eye. small kisses and no real description about anything sexual or like it. think disney channel before 10 am.
*i like you*

PG - no swearing, you'd let your 8 year old sister read it without worry. making-out is okay with light describing. this would be more like nickelodeon or saturday morning shows.
*you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside*

PG-13 - light swearing (shit, ass, damnit), your parents wouldn't freak out if they knew you were reading this. kissing and sexual conflicts may abound. think sitcoms or prime time tv.
*you make me hot*

R - now you can say fuck, as many times as you like even. sex having is hinted at, but not explained. more serious sexual conflicts.
*you make me hard*

NC-17 - Graphic sexual situations or graphic gore/violence.
*you make my cock throb in anticipation*

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Big fan or Jere, too?



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