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Bra.in.tree High's Journal
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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
8:03 am
I kind of feel bad raggin' on Mr. Farrington. But seriously what's with the no hoods thing. The teachers I have could seriously careless about that and lets us wear them anyways. Why didn't he just ban hats too? Maybe we will be able to wear our hoods next year?

I agree with Katie though. Our school looks like it's a welfare school because they spend all the money or sports, no offense but it's true. We seriously don't need a freshman team though. If the freshman were good enough for a team they would make the J.V. or V. team. I don't see a seperate team for Sophomores Juniors and Seniors that didn't make the team so why are freshman so special? GAH! Alot of the freshman suck this year anyways. No offense cuz' I have some freshman friends but still. Yeahh

And Ms. Ciani's room! Oh my God until after mid-years her room was freezing! She has complained to get it fixed like everyday since ... November I think, and everytime the guys came in to fix it, they would leave with it still broken. We have to use one of those ghetto portable heaters that only heats up the first like quarter of the room which sucks cuz' I'm in the back.

OK that's enough complaining for me today. =) Comment any thoughts?

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1:26 am
braintree high is a fun fun school to go to and i met a lot of people there but for christ sakes its an effing welfare school.

our 3rd floor leaks so bad and its nasty. the gymnastics room has a leak and makes the carpet become moldy and it makes people sick like one night at cheerleading.

i think if farrington was gone it would be 3575986 times better at our school and as katie said he's so effing annoyingg!!!

but yea thats all i haveta say for now
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12:51 am
Braintree High has to be the most ghetto school ever. We have all the money for sprts but absolutely nothing goes to the arts or maybe a new roof. Who cares about sports anyways? I'd rather see a good play than go to a stupid basketball game or pay for new sports jerseys. We need more things like arts night and battle of the bands. Am I right? .. or am I right?

This school is BS hopefully it will get better after Farington is gone. That man is such a goon; strolling the hallways like he has something to prove. Like anyone even is scared of him. He took Justins cupcakes once cause he was hungry. Farington is a selfish evil man who lacks a personality and a life.
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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
1:44 pm
Hello. . . It seems to be I am the only one here. *echo*

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