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Bra.in.tree High's Journal
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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

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Snow Day :-/

I was talking to my friend ((who is in college)) and he was like WE SHOULD GET MORE SNOW LIKE A FOOT A DAY OR WEEK OR WHATEVER!! and I was like NO I'D BE IN SCHOOL TIL' LIKE AUGUST!!

So I told my friend from Quincy and he was like No we can't go past June 30th and I was like w00p!

So that's good news. We are up until June 27th, and Quincy is up til' June 29th.
Plus the last three days are finals and I only have to go for half a day the last day for spanish.


So that's my update =)

((I like color =]))

Current Mood: aggravated
is tomorrow day 3 or 4?

Current Mood: tired

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