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everyone is obsessed with numbers. Do these numbers actually count or help much? Not really because all these numbers do is drive people insane. The class rank got people to feel bad because they weren't as high as they wanted to be. It also motivated people to work harder to get a better rank. I think these numbers do more harm than good,which may or may not lead everyone to going absolutly insane.
However the year is almost over. Soon enough the school year will be over. Then junior year will be over and senior year will come. Eventually we'll be in college and may not see each other. Is it just me or is anyone else a bit shocked that soon enough we'll be left on our own.

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I decided to write in this since no one else is. ::ponders:: How much longer until April vacation?

And.. What's everyones "rankings"

I'd tell you mine but I haven't gone yet.

What classes are you all taking next year.. or planning to?

Instead of writing them all in new posts just comment here, it's easier =)
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Snow Day :-/

I was talking to my friend ((who is in college)) and he was like WE SHOULD GET MORE SNOW LIKE A FOOT A DAY OR WEEK OR WHATEVER!! and I was like NO I'D BE IN SCHOOL TIL' LIKE AUGUST!!

So I told my friend from Quincy and he was like No we can't go past June 30th and I was like w00p!

So that's good news. We are up until June 27th, and Quincy is up til' June 29th.
Plus the last three days are finals and I only have to go for half a day the last day for spanish.


So that's my update =)

((I like color =]))

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