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Zombina update!

The new album, Death Valley High, which we have been waiting for for FOUR YEARS!!, comes out in December. It may also be on sale at the .

Friday October 27th - Retro Bar, Manchester
Saturday October 28th - Water Rats Theatre, London
Sunday October 29th - Nexus, Southampton
Monday October 30th - Subculture (formerly The Bassment), Leeds
Tuesday October 31st - The Empire, Middlesbrough

Album tracklisting:

1. The Kids Are All Dead
2. Lost Boys
3. At The Megaplex
4. My T.V.
5. Villain
6. Guess What!? (I Love You)
7. Prom Night
8. Your Girlfriend's Head
9. The Fragile Heart
10. The Waiting
11. Janie's Got A Dissolvo Ray
12. End Of The World
13. Bubblegum Machine

You can download an mp3 from it - Your Girlfriend's Head at ZATS myspace.

Lyrics to the songs on Monsters On 45 and Halloween Hollerin' have also recently been added to the Lyrics section of the Zombina website.


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