December 30th, 2015

  • vx69

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Hi there...
I'm vx69 (also known as vx "Cheerleader" 69 or as "dirty old scumbag" by some), data :

french (indeed)


mostly listening to : industrial, punk, rock'n'roll, and every possible mix of these (passionate fan of : Foetus, The Cramps, Ministry, lords Of Acid, Zodiac Mindwarp, and, by the way, ZATS)

member of Punish Yourself ( ), a band that has been described as "cyberpunk" or "Industry horror picture show" (by the way, I'm a RHPS addict). We have lyrics like "I wanna love you pretty lady, I'm mad a about your fantasy, you're turning me into a zombi, I wanna be your zombi" - not very clever  but apocalyptically funny (or so I hope)

can't remember how I discovered Zombina And The Skeletones, but I instantly loved their stuff. So catchy, so fun, so soooooo... I'm not always a big "horror punk" addict (I'm more into sheer gothabilly/deadbilly like Deadbolt or Ghoultown) (what the fuck am I writing ? Spooksters are united - they will never be divided) ANYWAY the pop-side of ZATS instantly appealed to me. Zombie pop is what I need.

and here's a little picture of my own self :

(I know, paint...)