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Death Valley High! the movie

I have recently been the lucky recipient of a copy of the new album Death Valley High, which will be available from the website www.zombina.com from Friday 27th October. It is basically the greatest album ever recorded and well worth the wait. It's a concept album, the concept being that it's the soundtrack to Zombina's never-made 80s teen horror flick. The album sleeve artwork is done out like a high school yearbook, complete with centrefold of yearbook portraits featuring members of the band dressed up as different characters. It is a work of total genius and you definitely need to own the cd rather than mp3s to get the full effect. The promo pack I was sent includes the amazing scene-by-scene/song-by-song treatment for the movie. As this won't be included with the cd package I have typed it out below, for your informations.

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Zombina update!

The new album, Death Valley High, which we have been waiting for for FOUR YEARS!!, comes out in December. It may also be on sale at the Collapse )

Album tracklisting:

1. The Kids Are All Dead
2. Lost Boys
3. At The Megaplex
4. My T.V.
5. Villain
6. Guess What!? (I Love You)
7. Prom Night
8. Your Girlfriend's Head
9. The Fragile Heart
10. The Waiting
11. Janie's Got A Dissolvo Ray
12. End Of The World
13. Bubblegum Machine

You can download an mp3 from it - Your Girlfriend's Head at ZATS myspace.

Lyrics to the songs on Monsters On 45 and Halloween Hollerin' have also recently been added to the Lyrics section of the Zombina website.

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hello, new here.

i was wondering if anyone had the lyrics for horror highschool.  all the lyric sites i've been to are missing two chunks of the song where the words aren't easy to understand.

i apologize for my horrible typing, my shift key and caps lock key have decided they'd rather not work.

thank you so much in advance, and i'm sorry if this has been asked before.
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Hi Cats and Kittens!

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