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_br0kn_thoughtz's Journal

The Dark Writers Haven
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"Reach Out And Touch Faith"...

This is a community focused on those who feel like (most of it's dark) writing either just to write it down, get help, be understood, or to recieve feedback.

General rules:
1. No slamming another persons work.
2. No plagarism.
3. Don't always talk about suicide blatantly. If you do, you shall be deleted. We have no problem if you wish to write about it, just don't outright be like "the knife against my neck, held by that of my own hand" because that's not very creative. No offense.
4. You have one time where we allow you to freely use terminology that can be viewed as racist. After that, you get a warning. Once more after THAT, and again, you shall be deleted. Why? We've each experienced it in some way or another during high school and frankly are tired of it.
5. Anyone's allowed to join. We do not discriminate.
6. Have amusement if you dare.

"...But The Pages Are All Torn And Frayed."