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Boys Next Door

...Then I'll belong entirely to you.

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This is a community dedicated to the manga "Boys Next Door" by Kaori Yuki. Boys Next Door is a slash/shounen-ai/yaoi manga, if the thought of two men/boys loving each other disturbs you in the slightest please leave now. Still here? Alright. Good.


1. This is a general Boys Next Door community for now. Icons, fanart, discussions, polls, etc. are all welcomed.
2. Like already stated in the introduction, this is a SHOUNEN-AI manga. If gay men disturb you, you're against them, whatever this is NOT the place for you.
3. Introductionary posts are allowed, it's nice to know about your peers and how they got into the fandom.
4. If you have more than 3 images that you're posting (of whatever kind) or the images are pretty big (I think you can decide what's big or not) put it behind a livejournal cut.
5. Label all fanfiction, fanart, icons that aren't work safe behind a livejournal cut and label it PG-13, NC-17, R, etc. according to the work.
6. In the memory of Boys Next Door iF u TyP lYk Di$ you'll find yourself banned from the community. l337 $|)33(|-| is fine as a joke in COMMENTS but do NOT over use it.
7. Decent grammar and spelling please. We understand if your first language is not English but please try to make your typing understandable.
8. Avoid over use of swearing; it's annoying and we will laugh at you.
9. Advertising is fine as long as it relates to the manga Boys Next Door. Please don't advertise things over and over again though, it gets annoying.
10. No bashing of any kind, pairing, character, whatever. No bashing will be tolerated.
11. If there are any questions just contact the your friendly, neighborhood mod crackfandom.
12. Finally remember to have fun. <3 This is a community where we all get along with each other after all.