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So first if all, I'd like to say that I absoulutely love Boys Next Door; it's probably my favorite of all Kaori Yuki's works.

Second, I'd like to post a few icons that I made. There are only three Boys Next Door but there are eight Angel Sanctuary as well. Feel free to take a look :)

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Drabbles: "Lawrence's Smile" & "Yours"

Boys Next Door Drabbles
Author: DayDreamer64/ MadWanderer
Fandom: Boys Next Door
Pairing: AdrianxLawrence
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 50
: PG 
Note: I just recently read this but loved it so badly. I cried again the second time I read the magna-that’s why I’ve got two drabbles full of angstish goodness. ^-^'' Comments are appreciated!

At the my writing journal--->Lawrence's Smile )

Also at the writing journal ---->Yours )
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Icon dump! And I also have a watercolor pic, though I'm not particularly proud of this one.


[9 + 8 variations] Boys Next Door
[4+6] Lawr
[2] Adrian
[2+2] Lawr/Adrian
[1] Adrian's Mother

[2+1] Angel Sanctuary
[1+1] Luci/Mika (sort of)
[1] Raziel

[2] Ludwig Kakumei
[1] Friederike
[1] Wilhelm, Lisette

[3] Other
[1] Gilbert (Kaze to Ki no Uta)
[1] Estrogen
[1] Fellatio


[3+2] Boys Next Door
[1+1] Lawr
[1] Adrian
[1+1] Lawr/Adrian

[1+2] Angel Sanctuary
[1+2] Lucifer


( Yay graphics. Click on the fake cut! )

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Hello~! I've been stalking this community for a short time, as some of you may have noticed, but I didn't really want to show my face until I had some sort of sacrificial offering. So, um. I have a watercolor Lawrence pic.

(Also, I'm aware that this might sound really stupid, but is it "Boy's Next Door" or "Boys Next Door"?)
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a mad man's love story

After working on this fic for a couple of months, I am finally finished. This is the only other Kaori Yuki manga I have deviated to writing fanfictions for--originally, I was more of an AS author. However, when this idea grew in my head, it just wouldn't let up. And so, here it is--one of the most tragic stories I have yet to write.

The Blind Man takes place after Adrian's trial, and before he dies, when a museless writer comes to interview him for her book. This is one story I have worked exceedingly hard on, and any comments and reviews would be welcomed.

"The Blind Man" or A Mad Man's Love Story

Synposis: “You loved him so much…and Lawrence…loved you just as much, then why…” she pauses, carefully choosing the words that she should articulate to convey her troubled inquiry. “Why would he allow himself to be killed, and worst of all, allow you to be the killer? Didn’t it occur to him that you would be left to carry the burden? Didn’t it occur to him what would happen if he died?” This was a quandary that festered inside a thick cover of curiousity; the museless writer was so desperate to understand, even a little bit, as to how that child could do what he did—Adrian’s love was evident, his actions had reason (even if they lack substance in sanity)—but that child…remained a jumbled group of puzzles on the floor. 

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