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I actually wrote something. It's been a while, so it's short and not too good. Oh well. It's a Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe fic. I dunno what possessed me to write this, but it was kinda fun writing from a cynic's point of view. Sorry if it sucks.

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No, I don't know what I was thinking either.
Constructive criticism much appreciated.
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go fuck yourself



I've been a member for awhile but never posted, cause I'm a bit retarded about figuring new things out. Name is Cassie. From Long Island, NY. I'm 19 almost 20. I obviously adore BMW and I love learning new things and pouring over the episodes.

<3 Cassie

hey everyone!!!!

Whats up ya'll?!?!??! I love BMW~ acually I love all disney shows. im gonna be 20 but i have wathed the show since i was little. The other day i seen one that was about them being actors and they were all different but i had to leave, so im mad because i didn't know what happend. Does anyone know what im talking about?

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Okay, so I have a couple story ideas I'd like to try, but I'm not too sure how to proceed with them, so I'm hoping for a bit of help ^^; Shawn's my favorite character, so both involve him.

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Thanks ^^
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I joined a little while ago, but I never said hello.


Great idea for a community, I love fanfic. BMW was the first fandom I ever wrote for, and now I'm doing so again. Currently I'm working on a second generation fic called "My Poetic Birkenstocks" over on (though I'm stuck on the second chapter now...bah). I've got a couple ideas though, maybe I'll post some here later ^^
See ya.
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Fan Fiction Continued...

b) Cory: Tell him! See if I care!
Eric: Fine!
Shawn: Fine!
Shawn: (pausing, to Eric) um, Eric? Do you have Feeny's number?
Eric: No...
Shawn: We could look him up in the phone book...
Cory: Shawn, do you actually think that someone who has been teaching as long as Feeny has, (which we all know is FOREVER), would actually leave his number listed? Have fun apartment hunting!
Shawn: Yeah? Well, same to you!
(Cory shuts door, he and Topanga start unpacking. Shawn and Eric start walking down the hall. They get to the elevator, turn around and walk back to Cory and Topanga's apartment.)
Shawn and Eric: (together, while pounding on door) CORY!!!
Eric: Come on, Cor, I'm your brother! I'm family! Ya gotta let me stay, at least until I find some place to go.
Cory (to Topanga): Aww, come on, can't Eric stay?
Topanga: And then what about Shawn? Wouldn't we have to let him stay, too?
Cory: Well...yeah, but--
Topanga: No. Cory. No. We're starting a new life for ourselves. Eric and Shawn need to start a new life for themselves, too.
Cory: Yeah, but how are they supposed to do that without a place to live? How are you going to feel knowing you sent two of your closest friends (and two of the only three people you actually know in New York) out on the streets to fend for themselves, while we're in here all nice and warm?
Topanga: Cory...
Cory: No, Topanga. Really. Tell me how you'd feel. Could you live with yourself?
Topanga: (ponders this for a second, then runs to the door and opens it.)

She finds:
a) (Eric and Shawn sitting outside the door)
Eric: (grinning) See? I knew you couldn't live without us!
Shawn: Thanks roomie! (Grabs his stuff and walks into the apartment)
b) (Eric and Shawn standing at the door with their arms crossed)
Eric: You know what? Fine. We don't need you. We don't need anybody. Do we, Shawn?
Shawn: No! (right?)
Eric: Right! (starts walking back down the hall) Mommy!
c) (Eric and Shawn are nowhere to be found. Topanga runs out into the hall only to catch the elevator door closing).
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punky power!

Fan Fiction 1 New York Home

Scene (in the new york apartment)
Cory and Topanga enter together
Topanga: Well, here we are. Home sweet home.
Cory: The next couple of years of our lives. I'm excited.
Eric: (pushes by Cory and Topanga) Where's my room??
Topanga: His what?
Cory: What?
Eric: Mi cuarto, my living space... where my stuff goes...
Cory: I know, but Eric... we...
Topanga: We weren't expecting you to be staying with...
Shawn: (pushes by Cory and Topanga) Where's my room?
Cory: Oh no.
Topanga: His what??
Eric: His cuarto, his living spa...
Topanga: I know what he said!
Cory: We have some stuff to talk over... See, me and Topanga are married now and out on our own. And as a married out on their own couple... Well, frankly- get out.
Shawn: ...what?
Eric: Wait... you don't want us living here?
Topanga: Well...
Cory: No. Get out.
Shawn: But, where are me and Eric going to stay?
Topanga: Look, you can stay here until you find another place, and then you'll move in together.
Eric: I can't live with Shawn.
Cory: You lived together for two years!
Shawn: Good times.
Eric: (smiles and nods along with Shawn, agreeing that they had good times)
Cory: Touching. Get out.
Shawn: Well, I can't say I'm not hurt.
Eric: I'm telling Feeny.

a) Eric and Shawn storm out
b) Cory: Tell him! See if I care!
c) Topanga: Wait guys... I guess we could make some room. It'll be like we're one big happy family.

xoox, Danna