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About yOu:
:: name :: Jem
:: age :: 17
:: sex :: female
:: location :: North Hampton, Massachusetts
:: interests :: Sports, friends, et cetera
:: hobbies :: dance, vocal lessons, soccer, scrapbooking, going to raves
:: status :: recently broke up with bf of 2 years

FavOrites :
:: band/singer :: christina aguilera
:: movie(s) :: mean girls, napolean dynamite
:: book :: gossip girls
:: tv show :: how do i look [on style network]
:: actor :: i could never choose, but if i had to it'd be johnny depp
:: actress :: nicole kidman [so elegant]
:: makeup ( stila, nars, etc.):: smashbox
:: stores :: american eagle, old navy, fashion bug
:: perfume :: at the moment, anything vanilla
:: five songs ( of the moment or all time ) :: any or all christina songs

Opinions On:
:: Ashton and Demi :: They seem happy together, age doesn't matter - shes beautiful. I am, however, surprised that Ashton isn't still experimenting since hes so young in comparison.
:: Jennifer and Brad :: I thought they'd be together forever. But in Hollywood, that doesn't seem likely lately.
:: Britney and Kevin :: At first I thought that their relashionship was a transition for Britney, but they seem to be in love. Hopefully, they stay together, although part of me will always want it to be BritneyxJustin again.
:: Cameron and Justin :: I don't care for their relationship, but it seems to be working out. I'd prefer Justin and Britney. [refer to previous question]
:: Nick and Jessica :: They will be together forever. Jessica is beautiful and Nick is tolerant. ^_-
:: Carmen and Dave :: The hottness. From the second I found out about them I knew they were perfect for eachother.
:: George Bush :: I don't care for. But I didn't like Kerry either.
:: abortion :: I believe its right under circumstances. Its the individuals choice. Although I disapprove when the decision is abused.
:: racism :: Definately not. I was once subject to it and I don't care for it at all.
:: boys :: Some are for play and some are for keeps.
:: why you like them :: They understand you better than girls would sometimes, yet they are completely oblivious to other things. Also, they are just damn fine. ^_-

:: what is love :: Love is the feeling you feel right before your heart is broken.

More opinions . very important to be detailed !
:: abortion :: If it is absolutely necessary then yes, but otherwise no. If a careless person continues to get an abortion than no. But in some cases its needed.
:: sucide :: Is a waste of life. Life is too short to waste it on a bad day. Its selfish and careless.
:: stealing :: Isn't that big of a deal as long as its petty and you aren't caught.
:: drugs :: I don't care for. I can't imagine being unable to clearly think things through. Who needs drugs to feel good when theres sex?
:: underage drinking :: Why not. Its not for everyone, but alcohol never hurt anyone, as long as no one drinks and drives.

:: at least one clear picture of yourself ::

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