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About yOu:
:: name ::Brittany
:: age :: 15
:: sex :: Female
:: location :: KY
:: interests :: Boys, music, internet
:: hobbies :: music, internet
:: status :: Single

FavOrites :
:: band/singer ::Green Day
:: movie(s) :: The notebook
:: book :: This lullaby
:: tv show :: Degrassi
:: actor :: Adam Brody
:: actress :: Jennifer Aniston
:: makeup ( stila, nars, etc.):: Marykay
:: stores :: Dillards
:: perfume :: Dreams by marykay
:: five songs ( of the moment or all time ) :: Beverly hills, Behind these Hazel Eyes, Longview, Truely madly deeply, all that i've got

Opinions On:
:: Ashton and Demi :: cute..but she is way too old for him!
:: Jennifer and Brad :: they aint together no more
:: Britney and Kevin :: i am gald she finally found the right guy! lol!
:: Cameron and Justin :: umm....
:: Nick and Jessica :: didn't they get divorced?
:: Carmen and Dave :: DAVE IS UGLY
:: George Bush :: umm...i like him....i guess
:: abortion :: sooo totally against it....i don't think its right
:: racism :: i am not rasist at all and i scorn people who are!
:: boys :: um well they are AWESOME! and hot and i want all the hot ones!
:: why you like them :: becuz they are just the best!

:: what is love ::love is a special connection between a female male.

More opinions . very important to be detailed !
:: abortion :: I am against is like isaid above.
:: sucide :: how do u get that lonley?
:: stealing :: well i've never stole i think its wrong lol
:: drugs :: don't do em!
:: underage drinking :: Don't do that u will get pregnent and die

:: at least one clear picture of yourself ::Image hosted by Photobucket.comi am the one in the white! tee hee
:: Promote us to two users//communities and give us a link ::

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