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About yOu:
:: name :: brittany
:: age :: fourteen
:: sex :: girly giirl
:: location :: newyork
:: interests :: boys - clubs - shopping - friends - livejournal - boys.. lol
:: hobbies :: going to clubs - seeing movies - going to the tanning salon
:: status :: singel at the moment but lovin someone

FavOrites :
:: band/singer :: umm i dont have a faviorte i couldent choose
:: movie(s) :: theres alot one of my faviortes is save the last dance
:: book :: i dont read alot
:: tv show :: theres alot almost everything on mtv . . growing up gotti ( my boys hehe ) umm idk there alot
:: actor :: umm. .im not sure
:: actress :: julia stiles
:: makeup ( stila, nars, etc.):: umm i use all diffrent kinds
:: stores :: 2 cute - abercrombie - forever 21
:: perfume :: lucky you
:: five songs ( of the moment or all time ) :: umm of the moment.. candy shop
                                                                                                            disco inferno
                                                                                                            all my life
                                                                                                            time after time
                                                                                                            cant touch this     yep there all really random
Opinions On:..........
:: Ashton and Demi :: um cute but if prefer ashton to go out with someone younger
:: Jennifer and Brad :: omg why did they break up!? they were sooooooo cute
:: Britney and Kevin :: ehh... i liked her better with justin even if it was a while ago
:: Cameron and Justin :: there cute .. yeah i take back what i just said hehe
:: Nick and Jessica ::  they are tooo cute i love their showe its amazing =P
:: Carmen and Dave :: sooo hot love their show too
:: George Bush :: ehh.. dont like him too much
:: abortion :: i dont know.. i dont like it yet idk what i would do in a situation like that at this age =\
:: racism :: i dont like that at all
:: boys :: are too hot but .. omg soo confusing .. you never know when to belive them...
:: why you like them :: hotties .. fun hehe

:: what is love :: love is that cant eat cant sleep reach for the stars over the fence - world series kinda stuff - "it takes two"

More opinions . very important to be detailed !
:: abortion :: i dont know.. i dont like it yet idk what i would do in a situation like that at this age =\
:: sucide :: i feel bad for people that feel like thats their last resort..=\
:: stealing :: i dont steall
:: drugs :: are everywhere .. almost every guy i know smokes weed ..
:: underage drinking :: whats the big deal.. we gotta party too right?

:: at least one clear picture of yourself ::

if someone could tell me how to post in a link it would be helpful thanks x0x brittany


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