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hey girls, were back. we decided that we wanted to maintain this community again because it was getting a little crazy. so i think we are going to start from scratch, sorry about this inconvienence but we need all members to redo the new and improved application. please be patient and leave comments.
Best Friends

I lost a guy and i dont know why?

Hey Ya'll... i didnt really lose a guy i was just like the quote but i do need some advice...

Hey lately my boyfriend and i have been fighting a lot... not major hang up on each other fights but we have been getting mad at each other for really simple things... i dont know if it's the fact that he does live in another state or what....but like he's been really nudgy lately... like he has major allergys and he sounds horrible... well like always when we are on the phone i'll be talking and he says hold on like right in the middle of a sentence i'm saying so i try to finish my sentence... well he has been screaming if i dont shut up immediately when he says hold on... well today he said hold on and i didnt hear him say it and he all of a sudden screams "fucking crist woman cant you ever shut up!!" hello why are you saying this to me so randomnly b/c i had no clue that he had told me to hold on a sec... eeeeeeexxxxxxxcccccccccccuuuuuuuussssssssssseeeeeeee me!~ well so then since i got mad that he did that he totally hung up on me and now he wont talk to me... is it my fault?? any ideas on something to make it better... thanks babes!~

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Okay! I am a senior in high school and I am happy that I am going to graduate. I was walking in the hallway, then I saw the meanest teacher ever. First, let me tell you about Mrs.L. During summer vacation, Mrs.L was cleaning her gutter, I think on the roof and fell down. She was paralyzed but she could kind of walk but not too long so she lives in a wheelchair. I am, yes, the sweetest girl ever but I have my limits. So, I was walking in the hallway, then I saw Mrs. L making her way to the girls bathroom, she left her wheelchair parked outside. I remembered the day she yelled at me in classroom because I was applying lip gloss on my lips. I wanted to or I could have simply take he wheelchiar and rolled it outside the door so she could cry about it but I am not that cold. Should I or should'nt do it the next time I see her going to the bathroom.

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About yOu:
:: name :: brittany
:: age :: fourteen
:: sex :: girly giirl
:: location :: newyork
:: interests :: boys - clubs - shopping - friends - livejournal - boys.. lol
:: hobbies :: going to clubs - seeing movies - going to the tanning salon
:: status :: singel at the moment but lovin someone

FavOrites :
:: band/singer :: umm i dont have a faviorte i couldent choose
:: movie(s) :: theres alot one of my faviortes is save the last dance
:: book :: i dont read alot
:: tv show :: theres alot almost everything on mtv . . growing up gotti ( my boys hehe ) umm idk there alot
:: actor :: umm. .im not sure
:: actress :: julia stiles
:: makeup ( stila, nars, etc.):: umm i use all diffrent kinds
:: stores :: 2 cute - abercrombie - forever 21
:: perfume :: lucky you
:: five songs ( of the moment or all time ) :: umm of the moment.. candy shop
                                                                                                            disco inferno
                                                                                                            all my life
                                                                                                            time after time
                                                                                                            cant touch this     yep there all really random
Opinions On:..........
:: Ashton and Demi :: um cute but if prefer ashton to go out with someone younger
:: Jennifer and Brad :: omg why did they break up!? they were sooooooo cute
:: Britney and Kevin :: ehh... i liked her better with justin even if it was a while ago
:: Cameron and Justin :: there cute .. yeah i take back what i just said hehe
:: Nick and Jessica ::  they are tooo cute i love their showe its amazing =P
:: Carmen and Dave :: sooo hot love their show too
:: George Bush :: ehh.. dont like him too much
:: abortion :: i dont know.. i dont like it yet idk what i would do in a situation like that at this age =\
:: racism :: i dont like that at all
:: boys :: are too hot but .. omg soo confusing .. you never know when to belive them...
:: why you like them :: hotties .. fun hehe

:: what is love :: love is that cant eat cant sleep reach for the stars over the fence - world series kinda stuff - "it takes two"

More opinions . very important to be detailed !
:: abortion :: i dont know.. i dont like it yet idk what i would do in a situation like that at this age =\
:: sucide :: i feel bad for people that feel like thats their last resort..=\
:: stealing :: i dont steall
:: drugs :: are everywhere .. almost every guy i know smokes weed ..
:: underage drinking :: whats the big deal.. we gotta party too right?

:: at least one clear picture of yourself ::

if someone could tell me how to post in a link it would be helpful thanks x0x brittany

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