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Box of Memories

icons by Yueni, Claire, Hannah & Katerina

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Box of Memories.
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This is the icon community of fierytigress, thecolorbetween, bananabear333 and storyloves. We post icons, wallpapers, moodthemes, fanmixes and lots of other graphic-y things. Please friend the community to view our iconing goodies. Do not ask to join, as you'll just be rejected. Please feel free to comment with any feedback you have, because we would love to hear from you. Enjoy the community!

01) This is the MOST important rule ever! Comment. Just for the sake of feedback. We love it because we want to know what you think, what you are taking and anything else you want to add.

02) CREDIT the individual icon-maker (fierytigress, thecolorbetween, bananabear333, or storyloves) NOT the community, _boxofmemories.

03) NO DIRECT LINKING of our icons! This will eat up our bandwidth and quite frankly, we don't have that much to spare. So, please upload them to your own server for nomination use!

04) Please DO NOT STEAL or ALTER our icons in your own PSP/PS program. Or to put them on a website without crediting us (we will give permission if you ask nicely). If you do, you are stealing and that's not nice.

05) Blank icons without any text are NOT bases for you to make them into pretty icons of your own. Got it? Good.

06) Enjoy and have FUN! This is also a very important rule here. We want everyone to have fun, as that's what iconing is all about. If you are not happy then neither are we.

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> Katerina's Resources (coming soon)
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Please upload to your own server when linking us. DON'T HOTLINK, THANK YOU!!

Layout codes thanks to disparue.
Background pattern thanks to 77words.

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