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_borrowed_icons's Journal

Stolen is such a harsh word, I much prefer borrow
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Do Not post any graphics that you know require credit.

If requested to remove an icon or graphic by a maker, please be polite in doing so.

No Aruging or Drama

Membership is open to anyone, but if the rules are ignored I will ban you.

Just basically be nice to one another.

If you post graphics created by your self, don't ask for credit, if you want credit, post them somewhere else....this community is about not having to do that.

If you play nicely by the rules, we should have a good time if you don't then you'll find your self banned.

All posts must be under a cut and friends only.

No promoting, its boring.

If the content of your post isn't work safe, please state.

Any graphics of any kind can be posted, blinkes, glitter sigs, quotes, icons, user info sets, headers...ect.